Choosing badminton racquet for juniors/children

With more and more juniors are getting involved in badminton, we also get more asks from parents about choosing a proper racquet for juniors.

1, Length

              Length always the first thing come to mind, its not necessary that junors have to use shorter/smaller size racquet. It’s really depends height. For children above 115cm, we would suggest full length racquet.

              Pro: Full size racquet can increase coverage, don’t need to change racquet at very near future.

              Con: if racquet is too long, it slows down swinging. Also longer racquet can make contact more often with floor, increasing chance of racquet breakage.

2, weight

              80g-85g head light or balanced racquet for boys. Girls can be a few grams lighter and with a bit extra flexibility.

3, Grip size

    It often gets overlooked; Grip 6 or 7 is preferred. Adult grip size is Grip 4, Grip 5, some ladies might prefer Grip 6.

4, Flexibility

              Go soft, better flexibility drives shuttlecock further with same force, which is much needed for children.

5, Frame/Head size

              No compact frame please. Hitting on the frame all the time doesn’t make any good experience.

6, Material

              Full graphite, High grade graphite always delivers better power.

Recommended models

              Entry level shorter option: Yonex Nanoflare Junior 4u G7 $89

              Entry level full length: Nanoflare 170/270, Arcsaber 7 play, Arcsaber 11 play, Nanoray 10F.

              Intermittent and advance level: Yonex Astrox 77 tour, Arcsaber 7 Tour, Nanoflare 370 4u, Astrox 88s Game/Tour, Astrox 88d game/Tour

If you have more questions in mind, you are always welcomed to pop into any of stores. We will help you to find the suitable ones.

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