How to measure your foot size at home

Choosing the Right Sports Shoes: A Guide to the Perfect Fit

For optimal support and performance, sports shoes should fit snugly, providing firm support from all angles. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to a multitude of issues, so finding the right fit is crucial.

Measuring Your Foot for the Perfect Shoe Fit

To ensure your shoes offer both comfort and the right amount of space, follow these steps to measure your foot accurately:

Foot Length Measurement:

Place a ruler flat on the floor with the zero end against a wall.
Wear your sports socks if you have them, as they can affect the measurement.
Stand with your heel against the wall, toes pointing forward, and without pressing too hard into the wall.
Measure the distance from the wall to the tip of your longest toe—usually the big toe or second toe.
Note the measurement in centimeters (CM).
Foot Width Measurement:

Lay the ruler horizontally on the ground.
Stand on the ruler with the ball of your foot—the widest part.
Measure across the widest part of your foot.
Record the width in centimeters (CM).
Additional Tips:

Add 1 cm to your foot length measurement for a comfortable fit.
Allow at least 0.5 cm for toe wiggle room if you prefer a tighter fit.
For juniors, a maximum of 1.5 cm is recommended to accommodate growth.
Need Assistance? Capture a top-down image of your foot while measuring and email it to us at We’ll assist you in finding the right size.