Butterfly Free Chack II 20ml Water Based Table Tennis Rubber Glue

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Product Information
  • Butterfly Free Chack II  Glue – Water Based  20ml   
  • Made In Japan  
Free Chack II is strong adhesive and can be removed quickly.  100% liquidized natural caoutchouc, completely free from organic solvents. 
How to Glue with FREE CHACK II:  
  • Remove completely any remaining glue on the blade, and make sure the surface is clean and smooth.  
  • Apply FREE CHACK II to the Rubber  Sponge. A guide for quantity is the surface area of a coin.  
  • Spread evenly using the Clip Sponge, which is damped with water. Spread the glue on the sponge first as it will take a little longer to dry as opposed to the blade.  
  • Repeat the same step 2 on the blade.   
  • Leave both Rubber sponge and blade for about 10mins until the glue becomes transparent.  
  • When the glue becomes transparent affix the rubber to the blade and use a roller to GENTLY remove the air bubbles if any exist and make sure both sides attaches properly.