Butterfly Lezoline Rifones Black 93620 Table Tennis Shoes

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Flagship model in Lezoline series

The Lezoline Rifones is the all-new flagship model of the popular Lezoline series and has been designed to meet the demands of modern high-performance table tennis. Its multitude of useful technologies like the “STB” Torsion protection, the “B-Armor” reinforcement, the “B-Absorber” shock absorbing material or the durable, yet grippy “Wingrip” outer sole make Lezoline Rifones the ideal companion for high-level table tennis.

Code 93620
Color Black (278), navy (178), lime green (107)
Material (Upper) Synthetic fiber (main body), synthetic resins and artificial leather (reinforcing part)
Material (Sole) Rubber, EVA
Feature B-Armor, B-Absorber, Wingrip, B-Ridge, STB, One-sided shoe tongue
Country of origin China

B-Armor: Covering the front upper part with KPU material of high stiffness. It cushions the forefoot and protects from rapid movements.

B-Absorber: Special shock-absorbing sponge placed between the outer and middle sole of the forefoot features cushioning and flexibility.

Wingrip: The specially formed outer sole has high ability of grip, and assists your correct movement.

B-Ridge: Bridge-shaped middle sole supports sliding motion during footwork.

STB: It prevents distortion of the shoes which happens through the particular movement of table tennis, and bring you stable footwork.

One-sided shoe tongue: Connecting only the inside part of the shoe tongue, preventing undesired movements and enhances the feeling of a perfect fit.

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