Tourna Tour Grip Replacement Original Grip

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Tourna Tour Grip has a traditional feel for a tennis replacement grip. The 1.75mm thickness is standard to most original racquet grips. The cushioning provides a plush feel to absorb shock and vibration, but it is not so thick that you cannot feel the bevels anymore. The synthetic material provides a nice tacky feel used alone, or a secure under-layer for an overgrip to be wrapped on top. Recommended pairing with a TOURNA overgrip like Tourna Grip, Tourna Tac, or Mega Tac that does not have any adhesives on the back to ruin your original grip.
1.75mm is a standard thickness and it offers both cushion and the ability to still feel the bevels of your racquet
A thin layer of cushioning helps absorb shock and vibration
Perforations help absorb moisture, and the synthetic material provides a tacky feel
Backed with adhesive for a secure wrap around the handle. Bevelled edges ensure a seamless skin tight wrap around the handle

  • Long enough for the largest tennis handles
  • 1 Grip per Package
  • Endorsed by Hall of Fame Legend Pete Sampras as his Replacement Grip of choice
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 2.54 cm x 110 cm x 1.75 mm