Yonex ArcSaber 11 (Metallic Red) 3u5 Badminton Racquet Japan Made Frame

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Swing weight : 87kg∙cm2

Balace point : 295mm

Swing weight : A dynamic term, measures how heavy or light when the racquet is in motion. It describes stationary weight, balance and weight disribution. Simply put, its how heavy a racquet feels when you swing it.

Disclaimer: Swing weight / Balace point data are collected by EZBOX SPORTS team, by testing current stocks on Yonex Precision Scan .  It may vary from facotry specs and tolerance may exist among each individual items. It’s a guide only. Whilst all efforts have been made, we do not guarantee the accuracy of each individual items. No warranty provided either by Yonex or EZBOX SPORTS on those information.

Yonex ArcSaber 11 3U G5 – Metallic Red

Neo CS CARBON NANOTUBE provides added bite to the shuttlecock and SONIC METAL increases the ability to deliver a high repulsion, rapid-fire return

ARCSABER racquets store up energy during the shot, allowing you to attack with pinpoint accuracy

For players seeking a higher level of control

Flex: Stiff


Shaft: H.M. Graphite, Ultra P1EF

Made in Japan

Additional information

Badminton String Option

Yonex AeroBite (0.67/0.61mm), Yonex BG65 (0.70mm), Yonex BG65 Titanium(0.70mm), Yonex BG66 Ultimax (0.65mm), Yonex Nanogy 99(0.69mm), Yonex BG80 (0.68mm), Yonex BG80 Power(0.68mm), Yonex Nanogy 95(0.69mm), Yonex Nanogy 98(0.66mm), Frame Only unstrung


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