Yonex AC102EX Yellow Super Grap (3wraps) Overgrip

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Product Information
  • Yonex  Over Grip AC102EX Super Grap (3 wraps/pack) , Pre-cut 3 wraps in a pack. Each wrap is enough for one tennis, badminton or squash racquet.
  • Colours: Yellow
  • THE SUPER GRAP enhances the playability of your racquet by absorbing shock and perspiration to give you excellent control and feel 
  • For standard and long racquets 
  • Description: Tacky Feel 
  • Width: 25mm  
  • Length: 1,200mm  
  • Thickness: 0.6mm  
  • Material: Polyurethane 
  • Materials Produced in Japan 
  • Cutting in Indonesia